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One Stop Shop for Branding, Photography & all your Marketing needs.

We all start somewhere ..

Hello! I'm Tayla and I'm a marketer. My passion and eye for marketing, branding and photography have brought me here today. Let's connect and get started on elevating your business!

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What can TJM Co. help you with?

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Helping small businesses and entrepreneurs achieve their marketing goals through creative & strategic branding.

We all start somewhere.


I discovered my love for Marketing & Communications at my first job out of college. During my time there, I developed websites and materials for several clients, managed company events, captured employee head shots, finished project photos, and even implemented a total company re-brand! I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of my job responsibilities because I was not only able to learn new skills, but also challenge myself in ways I thought I never could. Like most office workers, however, that burn out feeling started to hit hard. In fact, it hit so hard to the point where I became incredibly unhappy doing something I truly loved. So, one day, I woke up and decided I needed a change - one that would bring wholeness, happiness and wellness back into my life. Fast forward nearly four years, and here we are!


My goal in starting Tayla Jane Marketing Co. LLC was to keep my design, photography and marketing skills current, and help several entrepreneurs achieve their personal company goals. Having many connections to this audience has inspired me to keep these efforts up. In addition, I've learned there are SO many ways I can provide services to others.


I welcome you to take a look at my work.  Please let me know how I can best assist you and your needs today!



from my clients

 I can honestly attribute so much of my confidence and success over the last few months to the beautiful website and branding she has created for me.  There is nothing more exciting than giving your information to someone and having them know they are going to go to your website and see some thing interactive, beautiful, and so thoughtfully put together. 

If you’re thinking about making a website for your business please contact Tayla. She is so easy to work with. Reasonable, responsible, and truly a master of her craft. 🌿

Tina Celona - Owner of Petal & Ink

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